South Broward High School 1988 Reunion Information
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What you need to know

The Date:  BULLDOG GROWL Weekend of July 19th 2008

The Venue:
Hollywood Beach Country Club and Golf Resort

The venue back story: I found this place by accident but fell in love with it right away for many reasons... It is run by Gina a real nice, fun gal.  Her and her husband run an independent mom and pop resort management company that pour their hearts and souls into making every event some thing to write home about.   They invited me to come to another event to sample the food...The food is awesome, Ironically I had just finished my dinner when I got the call to come on over for samples....I did and I finished my full plate of food because it was so damn good!  Gina assured me that the banquette hall and BAR would stay open till a minimum of 2:00am.  We will be the only guests at the hotel in July as this is the off season.  This venue has 30 hotel rooms and a pool adjoining the banquette hall, this is good for our drinkers in the group.

The Cost:  Is only $ 50.00 per person....Why so little?  Because we are not paying a reunion company who skims about 50-75 % right off the top.  $ 50 gets you $ 125 worth of fun...It is important to send in your money early as it really really helps us plan and produce our reunion.

The Friday Plan: C o C k T a I l   P a R t Y at the Seminole Hardrock Hotel and Resort in Hollywood
Come early 4:00 PM kick off, Stay Late                                                              441 and Stirling Road

The Saturday Plan: Morning, do what you want to.....beach, golf, or help Mark and Connie  decorate the Banquette hall with Bulldog paraphernalia.  The resort has a real nice restaurant bar overlooking the golf course and lake filled coy and turtles.  Remember pace your selves, but come early stay late as we pretty much own this space for the weekend.  There will be a DJ and  we will all enjoy a great meal  together while we stroll down memory lane and catch up with each other.

The Sunday Plan:  John U Lloyd State Park has BBQ and pavilion facilities...We will beach it up and enjoy the great outdoors.... Come early Stay Late,  dogs burgers and chicken food will be provided

What you can do to help:
1 The more Bulldogs we get to attend the more fun we will have for sure!  Please help track down (stalk) your fellow bulldogs and encourage all of your classmates to come.

2 Send in your Reservations / Money AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, this idea is powerfully helpful as it tells us how to provision for the event and it just makes it much much easier for the volunteers who are producing this event.

Those who would like to get involved or can provide alumni contact INFO, please contact me, Thanks!

Persons who have assisted in tasks of reunion organization and getting the word out
Connie Weyant Pam (Sproul) Williams
Tina (Ganos) McSoley Mark Lavallee
Debbie Hatfield Brendan McSoley Joe Chung
Jim McSoley
John Huggins Your Name Here
Tom McSoley
Cristal (Kelly) Bruno
Brenden Kelley
Judy Roth
Cherri (Handy) Rock
Vincent Costagliola
Shawn Silovitz
Guilia Schiano
Your Name Here
Robyn (Josephs) Knight

Bulldog2  Good
Bulldogs !
Those who would like to get involved or can provide alumni contact INFO, please contact me, Thanks!

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